2018 CRI Summer Research Internships for MUSC Students

2014 CRI Summer Research Interns 

From L-R:

Kelsey Derrick Wilson, Zayed Almadidy, John Robinson, Coti Phillips, and Rabun Jones

2018 CRI Summer Research Interns

From L-R

Davis Leaphart, Mary Claire Lark, and Courtney Kramer​

2015 CRI Summer Research Interns 
From L-R:

Matt Newsom, Shawn Shaji, Ellen Griffin (holding Cooper)

Not pictured: Johnathan Elkes

(843) 577-5011, dial 1 then 5913

2016 CRI Summer Research Interns 

From L-R:

 Billy Joe Mullinax, Akayla Ford, and Rohail Rashid Kazi 

2017 CRI Summer Research Interns

From L-R

Lawson Held, Mira Patel and Alex Canova 

Cardiology Research Studies: CSP 578- Prevention of Serious Adverse Events Following Angiography- substudies,  ORBIT-II registry- Atrial Fibrillation, Long term Outcomes of Alcohol Septal Ablation for HOCM, Rotational Atherectomy and Outcomes without Temporary Pacemaker

Clinical Research/Mentor: Valerian Fernandes, M.D.

​Duties: The intern will work on the Alcohol Septal Ablation database and Rotational Atherectomy database; complete data entry in conjunction with resident and fellow on the research team; work on specific sub-project with an aim to submit an abstract to a national meeting and help with manuscript writing; submit their work as an abstract at the MUSC Student Research Day; do sessions on Research Methodology and data analysis; attend all weekly research meetings and present their work.